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Athletic Training?

It’s one thing to appear athletic but even some of the most “athletically toned” people are poor movers. Their joints can be weak and inflexible causing not only immobility but also a propensity for injury. The true athlete, on the other hand, is resistant to injury because of the balance between strength, mobility, flexibility and stability incorporated into their training programs; aesthetics being but a byproduct of the functional training that they do.

With a focus on core stiffness, joint stability and smooth transitionary, multi-planar movement we can turn any average mover or even the most immobile movers into athletes. An athlete, or what we view as such, trains to perform certain skills, skills that many of us average humans find difficult or even impossible, but on a simpler, more functional level in day to day life athletes don’t struggle to tie their shoes, to get up and off of the floor or to play with their children/grandchildren. Sounds like a sufficient reason to start training like they do. Even for the individual who has no intention of playing sports the idea of athletic movement should be enticing; such movement being soft, fluid, effortless, strong and intelligent. On the other hand, we also work with existing athletes to further their skill set and increase efficiency in their current athletic movements through a system of functional training, mobility and strength work.

Whoever you are and whatever you’re looking for don’t let the word athlete intimidate you. Anchor Down trainers work with individuals of all skill levels in hopes of uncovering the true athlete within. We will meet you wherever you’re at in terms of previous training and together we’ll Anchor Down, push the limits, do the undoable and achieve greatness.

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