Sometimes we just don’t want to leave the comfort of our own homes, or maybe it isn’t even an option. The workout videos sit under the TV, taunting us and collecting dust and we’re not even sure we have the space or needed equipment to have a home practice. Let us help. The space in your kitchen is plenty and the hour you have between conference calls is perfect. We can show you. With this program our trainers will come to you and utilize the space and equipment in your home to get you moving like an athlete. Call us for a free consultation where together we will take assessments, set goals and create a plan to make it all possible. Group fitness classes can be extremely intimidating especially if we have found ourselves less than happy with our physical fitness. Personal training can be just as horrifying, if not more so since all eyes are on us for the entire hour. What if you could recruit a group of your friends to work out together up to three times a week at a time of your choosing? Motivation is at its highest when we are feel comfortable in our settings. Results are at their peak when the conditions fit our personalities and we are able to enjoy the experience. Our small group training programs are designed to push you to your max at the times of your choosing and with a select group of people that you bring together. You set the stage and let us take care of the rest. We will meet you up to three times a week for a solid month and homework will be given at the end of each session to ensure that you stay engaged and progressing. Go get some friends together and let’s move.


  • $125 Per hour
  • 1 Free Consultation to discuss goals and create a game plan
  • One on one private training
  • Trainer will come to you and utilizes your facility
  • Trainer will create a game plan to achieve goals
  • Training types: Strength, Mobility, Yoga, Movement, Mobility, Flexibility
  • All sessions will be recorded for students growth and protection

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