Private training is private training, unless you private train with the Anchor Down Trainers. This unique experience is tailored to your personal needs to another level. Sometimes we, as humans, are completely unaware of our own physical needs. Body awareness is an art that many of us have yet to master. The world class trainers at Anchor Down are specialists in movement assessment which begins the moment you step foot into our facility. So please be prepared with a set of goals of your own and allow us to expand on that list in areas that maybe you didn’t know even existed. Together we will create a program for you and the needs that, as a team, we decide upon to turn you into a smooth, effortless, and bulletproof mover.


  • One on one private training
  • 1 Free consultation to discuss goals and create a game plan
  • Trainer will create a game plan to achieve goals
  • Training types: Strength, Mobility, Yoga, Movement, Mobility, Flexibility

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